Determination. Metamorphosis


We are a expertise foams manufacturer. Da Fung foams provides many kinds of foam products with different functions for the industries. Meeting customers in most satisfaction and the excellent quality products stabilized are our main goal. Also we have been won a considerable reputation and position in the foam industries from customers.

Business Philosophy

Integrity&Trustworthiness insisting、
Great Performance Pursuing、
Customer Satisfaction Meeting、
Multiple Expansion Achieving


Europe, America, Australia, Japan, Taiwan and we are OEM and ODM for supplying the foams to the customers of Europe and America.

About Da-Fung

 Dafung Foam Co., Ltd. has been established since 1968 and we are a professional manufacturer of PU foam, engaged in all kinds of foam manufacturing, providing furniture, office furniture, bedding, shoe materials and hardware. We sincerely welcome to cooperate in exporting from domestic & overseas manufacturers of foaming and relevant businesses.